Using TikTok to generate franchise leads

Is it possible to generate real franchise enquiries with TikTok?

TikTok to generate franchise leads

Yes, TikTok isn’t just for Gen Z and people with short attention spans, it’s a platform that has gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years.

I think of social media as purely a content delivery device (which sounds obvious) however, not a lot of brands still bother to use it and instantly dismiss it.

Remember, attention is currency and people’s attention is on that platform which you can grab!

Check out an example below of someone who bought a Jim’s Mowing franchise based on seeing a TikTok video.


From watching TikTok to Jim’s Mowing franchise owner! #tiktok #tiktoker #tiktokviral #jimsmowing #franchise #franchising #smallbusiness #b... See more

You can learn more about it with examples below, there is a great stat about Netflix watch time compared to TikTok which illustrates my point.

Chat GPT App

You can download the Chat GPT app for iPhone next week for Android.

Lots of people have been downloading the incorrect one, the correct one looks like the one below.

Personally, I still use Google to search, however, I use the app for social media caption creation as it can be a pain to post with emojis.

I prefer using it via desktop as the integrations you can use with it are awesome and we are only getting started with those and the apps do drop out sometime.

Apple Enters the AI Race

Apple has finally unveiled its in-house AI tools, including a chatbot named "Apple GPT". A consumer product launch targeted for next year raises exciting questions about Siri's future evolution.

New AI Tools

Magichour is an AI video platform that simplifies video creation with remarkable ease. Automate the entire production process, repurpose existing videos, and generate captivating visual content to engage and expand your audience.

Pictory Automatically creates short, highly-sharable branded videos from your long-form content. Quick, easy & cost-effective. No technical skills or software downloads are required.

I have used the above to create the below in 10 mins, however, it’s only the start of this technology and being able to turn blog posts into videos within 5 minutes should be something everyone moves towards.

An example below I made for one of my social media consulting clients. 

AI image generation

If you haven’t tried Midjourney yet, give it a go!

Some examples of my recent work are below with the prompts to try and I have started using this for blog images that are unique and help with click-through rates.

The Midjourney Prompt - Jimi Hendrix, portrait, hyper-real, future, white guitar, hero, future city background, future guitar equipment

There are so many things you can create with AI image generators, but for now, I have been using it for the featured blog posts on articles, however, a whole new industry has opened up for digital art and Etsy is now filled with images like the above for download for a small fee.

New Website Posts

Some new blog posts on my website were created using a Chat GPT plugin to scan my YouTube video, which is original content with the transcript I then ask Chat GPT to turn it into a blog post with key takeaways from the video.

This is a great way to maximise your video content and something I will be doing a video on soon. You can see some examples below.

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