Do you suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect?

Is the Dunning-Kruger effect costing you money?

Does this hold you back?

Midjourney - The Dunning-Kruger Effect.

I recently had someone tell me I suffer badly from the Dunning-Kruger effect.

At first, I thought it was an insult until he explained it to me.

In a nutshell, from Chat GPT of course, it’s as follows:

Thanks Chat GPT!

Can you relate to this or know someone who suffers from this?

The context for this arose around ironically a franchise opportunity.

I made a friend with someone who came through our new franchise training and went on to set up his own business coaching franchise on the back of his profitable business.

This guy makes great coin, at one time he was doing 30 clients a month with each one paying $3k per month, you do the math.

He isn’t that much older than me, however, he has a young family which is a great motivation for anyone.

Ever since meeting we have connected really well and stay in touch.

Each week he is following me up to come to be a franchisee with him on a very good deal.

Financially it makes 100% to quit my job and join him.

We have similar skill sets and on the face of it, I have definitely similar abilities in multiple areas.

So why won’t I take the leap?

It’s simple really.

I don’t believe I have any skills that will actually help the type of SME clients he deals with.

Is this actually true though?

It isn’t and I know this from my various meetings with my friend who only wants the best for me.

Yet, I doubt my ability and skills even though other people tell me I have plenty.

My doubting myself constantly is literally costing me tens of thousands a month!


Money is not a concern for me overall.

I don’t have a family or dependants and I don’t really value it the same way as other people, so it’s not the trigger for me.

My ultimate driver is happiness and passion for what I do.

Since 2019, I have built a role at Australia’s largest franchise and single handle increased our visibility to help us grow to 5,000 franchisees.

I love that fact!

Using social media and video to do so, it allows me to be creative and I have a hell of a lot of freedom in my work which I love.

But, I still doubt myself daily despite this.

As do most of us.

There are so many high-achievers in school or people with high IQs who never have the confidence to live up to their potential due to the Dunning-Kruger effect.

This is a massive shame but also a source of great potential for anyone!

I recommend asking Chat GPT what are your actual skills based on what you do.

Get the machine to list all of the skills you would have from your line of work.

I did and it massively helped build some self-esteem with everything that I actually know how to do.

Remember, just because something is easy or obvious for you, it might not be for others.

So what I am going to do moving forward is to put an AI skill or workflow into this newsletter with basic tasks I do weekly.

There are loads of AI tools I am using at the moment and stumble across that I think everyone uses.

However, I should know that’s not the case!

Example below.

New AI Marketing Tools

BlogToPod is an AI software that turns your blog posts into podcasts with an AI voice.

Pretty wild stuff!

Check out the website to hear examples of what it sounds like.

It’s not my cup of tea, however, in terms of content re-purposing from the 100’s blogs that are generally on a business’s website, it could be helpful.

Voiceling enables you to dub and translate your videos using AI.

How is this useful?

Well, instantly I thought about translating and dubbing a lot of our franchise prospect videos into Mandarin for example.

We have a lot of migrant franchisees, however, all of our content is in English.

What about dubbing our best videos into multiple languages for our prospects?

That’s very useful and could be lucrative!

I am going to test it with a couple of native speakers to see if it’s useful, however, that’s just one example I can think of!

Cool AI video, Celebrity Mortal Kombat

I subscribe to a number of AI newsletters and the below caught my eye!

Cruise for the win!

AI-Generated Images

If you’re not playing around with mid-journey yet or other AI image generation tools, you really need to give it a go!

Check out this live-action South Park generation I found online.

Very cool right or concerning?????

Try it with any cartoon like family guy or the Simpsons for a laugh.

Hope you enjoyed this edition and give some AI software a trial if you haven’t already yet!