Don't edit your content!

Is your marketing actually genuine or BS?

Stop Editing Franchise Interviews

I have done a lot of franchise interviews over the years and the best ones that have been received are always the ones where we don’t edit it and keep every answer!

I will quite often hear from new franchisees that they like how transparent we are online and don’t edit stuff out!

Watch the podcast and you will see what I mean!

I understand why traditional managers and corporations would want everything to be only the best and a movie-type piece.

However, this is not what people want anymore, we don’t want to feel like we are being sold too.

We want genuine information about the pros and cons of what we are looking at so that we can make our own minds up.

If you’re creating videos in any aspect, objectively look at it and ask yourself, is this actually sounding genuine?

Google Is Going Nuts!

I have a ‘niche’ website in a dog breed niche that makes me around $400 per month for now so I follow a lot of SEO folk online.

The volatility in Google at the moment is epic and it seems to be massive changes every month Google trying to combat SEO tricks like parasite SEO and AI content especially.

In saying that, they are struggling big time!

To crawl a page costs money and I think they have given up on AI content with the HCU update.

It looks like links and high-quality links are going to be more important than ever for Google to determine how to rank websites.

In saying that, I found a great video about SEO in 2024 from Matt Digitty who has an awesome YouTube channel.

Even if you outsource your SEO efforts, I think it’s a topic that you need to at least spend an hour on each month by watching videos so you can least hold your agencies accountable.

YouTube ‘Beta’ Subscriber Feature Is Awesome!

There is a great beta feature that allows you to advertise for subscriptions directly from your YouTube channel.

I have been doing this recently and crossed the 20k subscriber mark for one of my channels.

It will be on track to crack 50k in the next 2 months which only helps build the brand even stronger with our daily video content.

It’s a great feature, jump on it before Google takes it away.

Had my first $1000 month online

NOV Rev - $666 USD

I make money two ways online and that’s with a niche website where it’s monetised with ads.

I also do the Amazon influencer program where you upload video reviews and get paid for them when someone purchases an item after watching your video.

It hasn’t taken me overly long for the Amazon program yet I was able to crack $666 USD on that program.

I will do a later newsletter and blog about how I do it.

However, it’s not a bad return from something that only takes me 5 mins per video with some minor editing.

I could definitely get it higher, however, that means placing an ad on Upwork for videos and that kills your returns if the video doesn’t take off.

All my earnings have pretty much been from items in my own home.

The rest of the earnings were filled with my niche website earnings which for the month was around $400.

Jim’s Beauty Launch!

We had national PR attention with the Today Show, 9 News etc..about Jim’s Beauty.

I didn't do a PR release for this, all I did was post the logo with services on our social channels which a lot of journos follow.

We also had a very average video on TikTok go viral by some wannabe TikTok influencer taking the piss, but hey that worked for us!

Next thing you know, Today Show has Jim on it and I had to buy a pink T-shirt for him (size 8 lady size) from K-Mart for a live cross!

People obviously were taking ‘the piss’ however, this is marketing and getting attention good or bad is the name of the game.

We have already had 600 unserviced leads, 5 franchisees started and many more to join.

I am looking forward to getting Jim back on the Today show to stick it up with Karl and the other host about its success.

We cannot let it fail!

People Watch Long-Form Content when Spending Big!

When someone is spending 30k, 50k or 500k on a business, they will consume everything you have!

The ‘Day on the Road’ concept has been very successful for us, even though it’s very hard to do and a massive edit.

Check out some of these below and why they work.