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#2 Edition of the AI Advantage

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AI Software To Try

Midjourney is an awesome AI image generation tool that runs of prompts, same as Chat GPT, you can actually use Chat GPT to create prompts for Midjourney to get the desired result.

In the coming weeks, I will be doing some basic tutorials on Midjourney as it can be confusing for the casual tech user but the results are worth it.

Midjourney Prompt and Example

With social media and Jim’s, I am always looking for new ways to get reach and engagement, so I uploaded a picture of the Jim, see below into Midjourney.

The original Jim from Jim’s Mowing

In Midjourney, you can upload any image you like and with a little bit of tweaking have it alter the image into 4 variations based on a prompt.

This is the prompt I used:

Prompt: {insert image URL} Jim's mowing, Pixar style, sharp focus, cute, intricate, highly detailed long shot


Pretty cool huh?

This generated 25k views on TikTok and around 1000 engagements on multiple social accounts for an idea that took me 5 minutes.

Here is another…….

Prompt: Jim's mowing, cyberpunk, sharp focus, cute, intricate, highly detailed long shot, future

I have the paid subscription which is well worth it and you can generate 100 different images per month for $10 US dollars, however, this is a small price to pay and hours of fun!

There are other AI image generators out there, however, Midjourney is the best.

In the coming weeks I will be doing a video tutorial on how to use this, everyone should give it a go as the possibilities are endless!

AI News

AI ‘godfather’ says fears of existential threat are overblown

Yann LeCun

Yann LeCun, a leading figure in artificial intelligence and the chief AI scientist at Meta, has categorically rejected the concept that AI could pose a severe risk to human beings, labeling it as absurdly nonsensical.

LeCun believes that fears of AI supremacy are an exaggerated reflection of human characteristics onto technological constructs.

LeCun, along with Geoffrey Hinton and Yoshua Bengio, received the Turing Award in 2018 for their groundbreaking contributions to AI and are collectively referred to as 'the godfathers of AI'.

It's worth noting, however, that Bengio and Hinton do not share LeCun's viewpoint.

LeCun considers the idea that a hyper-intelligent AI could break free from human oversight to be impractical.

He asserts that there will always be mechanisms to avert such a scenario, including the capacity to simply switch off the AI.

LeCun remains optimistic about the potential of AI, envisioning it as a possible catalyst for a new period of human enlightenment or a "new renaissance for humanity".

My opinion: who the hell knows?

Franchise Marketing Advice

Last week I recorded 23 podcast interviews with new franchisees in 5 days, whilst doing my normal workload.

Was it draining? Absolutely.

Was it rewarding? Absolutely


BTS recording 23 podcasts in 5 days with our @Jim’s Group franchisees, bulk content creation with great stories #jimsgroup #franchise #fra... See more

The key takeaway is that people mainly buy franchises, not for money but for family reasons.

It sounds obvious, however, is that what you’re top of funnel marketing ads are showing?

I am guilty of this, however, most of mine start with money and not the family.

However, we know it’s generally the family that is the motivator.

Generated image with Midjourney

With these podcasts, we are essentially creating a long-term asset library for years to come with real stories that will be re-purposed into blogs, videos, short clips, tweets, etc……..

One of the franchisees I interviewed, actually sighted that she listened to multiple podcasts before joining and it was the reason why.

You can hear her story here story below:

Podcasts are great middle-of-funnel, warm lead material as it’s the modern medium and someone can’t hide in a podcast what saying they truly think.

We are at nearly 20k downloads with no paid promotion at all and I know it has generated at least 10 franchisees for us.

Latest Blog Posts

First of all, if you don’t own your personal name .com, grab it!


Moving forward with the rate of AI development you want to control what the language models will crawl, if you have your own website with updated information and some SEO juice, you can control what appears for you (I hope)

This doesn’t mean you have to have a full-on website, however, owning the domain and posting every now and again will help.

What I do is use Chat GPT plus a plugin to watch all my videos and turn them into blog posts with the video embedded.

I will show you how to do this in later editions, however, you can see my latest blog output below using AI with one example below of 7 posts I have created this week.


My favourite quote recently is by Teddy Rosevelt entitled “The man in the arena” Click the link, have a read and you will see why.

Lately, I have been really perplexed with dealing with people who have everything in the world, yet, always have an agenda or are overly negative/ungrateful.

I simply do not get it and have been making a conscious effort to avoid these problem creations.

Great Web Finds

I am pretty biased, but finding Jim’s Group founders, Jim Penman’s original marketing flyer was a classic and did well online, hear the explanation below.


Let me know any feedback with these editions of what you want to see, if it’s too long if you like, or want something different, etc…….

Final Thought

If I was a single man (I am not) I would be using AI to fix up all my images…………..

See below 🙂 

Midjourney dating avatar